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Discovery is critical for gathering the information you need to execute on your organisation’s vision for analytics. The better you understand your organisation’s requirements, the better you will be able to proactively support the growth of analytics and the broad use of data. Valuable inputs from across the organisation will help to guide your analytics deployment and future state – including roles, responsibilities, architecture, processes and the success measurements needed to understand progress.

Analytics strategy

You'll use the Tableau Blueprint Planner in a foundational discovery process to define the current state and vision for your analytics programme. You'll gather inputs from across the organisation to identify short- and long-term goals and align on a clear vision for analytics in your organisation. By linking strategic initiatives, metrics and desired outcomes to data and analytics, you can motivate your organisation and drive change.

This topic covers:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Enterprise architecture survey
  • Data and analytics survey
  • Use cases and data sources
  • Education role mapping
  • Users
  • Community planning


Executive advocacy and project teams

You'll solidify executive sponsors to play an integral role in setting the company's direction and overcoming organisational roadblocks to becoming a data-driven organisation. These visible and vocal advocates will work with a cross-functional project team that includes IT and BI professionals, Tableau administrators and power users across different departments in your organisation.

This topic covers:

  • Planning and execution
  • Defining governance processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing user onboarding programmes and schedules
  • Building your internal community


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"Somewhere there has to be a driver for the strategy and there has to be a home for your data scientists. You could say that this centre of excellence was a block in our pyramid that always needed to be there."

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"We can now make data-based decisions live in a meeting. Acceptance reaches all the way to the board level with our CFO, who supports our initiative."

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