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Senior leaders are tasked with transforming their business during these challenging times, with a focus on building resilience for the future. The most successful companies have one common denominator: culture where data is built into the foundation of the organistion, shifting the way people work and make decisions. As a trusted advisor, we’re helping the world’s largest enterprise customers successfully establish a data culture by enabling leaders to build trust, cultivate talent and drive commitment around their data during this unprecedented time. Want to learn more?

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Build trust

Tableau helps executives build a foundation of trust – in people and in data.

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Cultivate talent & data skills

Tableau empowers a culture of learning, sharing and collaboration around data.

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Drive commitment

Tableau enables data to be treated as a strategic asset and people are committed to understand its value.

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"Tableau is the visual catalyst to help employees have that a-ha data moment. That flicker of data cognition that turns into deeper data understanding is what our company needed for success in a digital world. Today, everyone can do data. Talking the same data language and collaborating in entirely new ways, regardless of the department that they sit in."

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"We went from kinda that wild west, where maybe there were inaccurate reports – maybe a metric was calculated differently on the east coast than on the west coast – to a single data source, a single Tableau solution that sits on people’s desktops that allows them to go deep or provide high-level information. It’s just been an incredible way to help us better achieve our goals at Schwab."

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"Our Tableau deployment went viral. In less than two years, we had 20,000 users. The reason for this success is because we’ve been able to strike the right balance between empowering the business, enabling better visibility, and instilling trust and governance in the data."

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See analytics in action across your organisation

We’re committed to helping you deploy enterprise-wide analytics to drive value across your entire organisation. An enterprise platform means people have access to trusted data sources, so they can quickly create and share their analysis.

Build resilience for your future with data and analytics

Build a data culture

Organisations are investing trillions of dollars to become more data-driven, but only 8% successfully scale analytics to get value out of their data. What separates the top performers from the rest?

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Your methodology to becoming a data-driven organisation. Tableau Blueprint allows you to zoom out to see the big picture and what’s ahead, and also to zoom in on a specific area to fine-tune and improve.

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When it comes to elevating people with the power of data, only Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the kind of robust, scalable platform you need to run even the world’s largest organisations.

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