Manufacturing analytics

Manufacturing is an industry with many moving parts: human resources, raw materials, capital investments, production equipment, logistics – not to mention ever-changing customer demands. Data gets created at every turn, but it often stays in silos, limited in its utility. This holds true for all manufacturers, whether in aerospace and defense, automotives, industrial machinery or mill products. With Tableau, you can quickly blend and link similar data to gain decisive results in seconds – compared to hours or days with programming-intensive methods. Use what you learn from your manufacturing analytics to improve process efficiency, centralise production monitoring, better serve your customers and turn real-time data into just-in-time insights.

Making sense of industrial sensor data

By using Tableau’s leading analytics platform, GE Aviation is making it easier for airlines to access, understand and take action on this data. Airlines can now explore customer reports created in Tableau through Predix, GE’s cloud-based software platform for industrial applications. With Tableau’s powerful, easy-to-use platform, airlines can further analyse sensor data from the flight (from engines, airframes, flaps, landing gear, etc.) as well as the health of the aircraft itself (ground operations, maintenance, crewing etc.)

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Manufacturing analytics knowledge hub

Manufacturing leaders must identify risks in complex supply chains, achieve sustainability goals, enable their teams to succeed and create a customer experience that nurtures loyalty. The manufacturing knowledge hub will show you how leveraging your data with Tableau's end-to-end analytics platform will help you reduce risk and cost whilst driving innovation.

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Honeywell saves 10,000+ hours, scaling to 9,000 users across 14 business units.

Honeywell’s Global Finance Center is the global analytics hub for the entire $40 billion company. Since March 2016, Honeywell has scaled to 9,000 Tableau users company-wide. With Tableau and Alteryx, the team analyses data in hours instead of months – helping the business make crucial decisions. See how Tableau is transforming marketing analytics.

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White paper: 4 ways data is transforming the industry

Like it or not, manufacturing is moving faster and leaner as the dated, status-quo business systems fall to the wayside. More than ever, the manufacturing industry must corral and understand massive amounts of data from many systems to drive operational efficiencies and higher levels of service and support. Having the ability to explore the impact and interplay across production efficiency, product quality, customer demand and service excellence simply isn't possible without big data and meaningful analytics.

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Tableau is really helping us grow and get value right now. For production, it's helping hour by hour, minute to minute – ‘Am I hitting my numbers for this hour? And if I'm not, why not?'

How to become a data-driven manufacturing organisation

White paper: Exploring the top challenges and solutions with an industry leader

Business analytics continues to be a top priority and one of the fastest-moving areas in the manufacturing industry. But even with all the tools available, it’s still difficult to transition to becoming a data-driven organisation. In this paper, industry expert Dan Murray shares his first-hand experiences, major challenges and new ways for manufacturers to use data to manage crises and improve their operations.

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Webinar: How Boeing enables Tableau for the enterprise

Learn about Boeing’s Tableau journey and their keys to enabling business intelligence and analytics across the enterprise. Boeing will also discuss the balance between business and IT in the development of analytics and how both have a role in leveraging data to deliver results to the company.

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I can tell you that easily it runs into 10,000-20,000 man hours in terms of productivity generated because of the automation and standardization you get out of Tableau. But more than that, to me it’s the business value—and you cannot really put a price on it.

Bringing industrial machinery and big data together

Webinar: How GE created a pervasive culture of data-driven insights at scale

Applying big data to an internal business use case is challenging and requires expertise and focus. Even harder is scaling it out across a global enterprise. GE Power Services will share how they have been able to deliver results in an uncertain world by leveraging big data and scaling the Tableau platform across a global employee base that spans over 86 countries and 22,000 users.

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Webinar: Nissan's data alchemy is driving self-service analytics

Nissan shares the approach and early successes that Nissan's IS & business teams have experienced while adopting a more collaborative model for data management & analytics. By focusing on business outcomes, proper alignment of the business & IS, and effective use of enterprise solutions from Informatica & Tableau, the company has unified around data as a high-value asset.

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