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Tableau Server 2022.3.1

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, which contains additional fixes.

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Tableau Server is not available for mobile devices. Please log in from a desktop computer to download.

This version of Tableau has been removed due to an issue with Web Data Connectors.

After May 2023, fixed defects will no longer be posted here and can be found at[sfcategoryfull]=Tableau selecting the Status = Solution Deployed.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

When running the flow on Tableau Server, the following error can occur "Comparison method violates its general contract! System error." The flow does not fail when run on Tableau Prep.


Extract refreshes could fail for Databricks with OAuth embedded credentials published to Tableau Server starting in 2021.4.


The maestro.output.write_to_mssql_using_runas TSM command has been introduced to allow write access to a Microsoft SQL Server database using Run As credentials.


Addressed issues with internal Tableau Server APIs.


Japanese characters (half and full-width Hiragana and Katakana) could not be distinguished after published to Tableau Server.


After scrolling down in a view then selecting a filter, the scroll bar moves back up to the top.


Workbook performance could be slower when using Virtual Connections.


Dynamic parameters would not load the DATETRUNC value when a workbook opened using an embedded data source.


When filtering a dimension on a worksheet, then changing the dimension via a parameter, other worksheet(s) could disappear.


A warning could occur stating, "One or more input files aren't in your organization's safe list" when publishing a flow or configuring "*" to allow all paths for input.


A Tableau Prep flow could fail to refresh the access token on Tableau Server using Snowflake OAuth with Private Link.


When importing a specific user and the user is successfully added but is not showing on the user list, an error will display when trying to add the user again. For more information, see this Tableau Knowledge article.


Content Exploration service would not fail over in a HA configured Tableau Server. Web client can authenticate and navigate to Tableau Server, but content view, explore, create, etc fails, with multiple "An unexpected error occurred."


After upgrading, or after restoring a backup to a new install to Tableau Server 2022.3.0 and there is a large user base, the server may be slow or inaccessible, with users unable to log in. For more information, please see this Tableau Knowledge Base article.


A parameter control list box could be open and stuck in a specific location in a browser window. This behavior only occurs when you double-click the parameter selection box before the entire dashboard is rendered.


The custom format of a decimal number on an axis could change after being published to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server.


The OneDrive and SharePoint Online connector could have data missing from the site listing result.

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Thu, 17 November, 2022

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