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Tableau Server Management Add-on 2022.1.1

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 2022.1.3, which contains additional fixes.

Download Tableau Server Management Add-on 2022.1.3

Build number

RMT 20221.22.0331.0859, TSIG 20221.22.0415.1144, CMT (No release this month)

Download Tableau Server Management Add-on 2022.1.1

Release date

Fri, 22 April, 2022

Product support

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

RMT: The Concurrent Users chart would not populate data. An additional update for this issue was published in 2022.1.3 under 1399612.


RMT would fail to start if rmtadmin service-setup provided invalid credentials for the account provided.


TSIG upgraded to Apache httpd 2.4.53


Addressed security vulnerability for CVE-2022-0778.


The Server Performance TDS excluded performance data not specifically associated with a Tableau process.


Downloading the log bundles did not include pgsql or rabbitmq logs.


If a Tableau Server is configured with an independent gateway, the Resource Monitoring Tool will not display some data sets, including view loads and VizQL sessions.

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