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Analytics to attract, retain and engage tomorrow’s workforce

In today’s rapidly changing environment, the call for public sector leaders to effectively recruit, manage and empower a resilient and data-driven workforce is more critical than ever. The most successful of these leaders trust Tableau’s industry-leading analytics platform to improve decision-making, bolster performance and equip their workforce to deliver the insights needed to accomplish the mission.

Listen in as Tableau's Director of People Analytics talks about how to strengthen and empower your workforce through data.

Leverage Tableau to streamline common processes, solve strategic business challenges and make smarter data-driven decisions to build a better experience for every employee.

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Real-world solutions

Reimagining the public sector workforce: Strategic priorities and drivers in government

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing government agencies when it comes to managing their people and how the public sector can reimagine the role of HR through the lens of data.


Visualise the workforce

Workforce needs assessment

Explore how Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) visualises the results of its annual Workforce Needs Assessment.

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The administration supports a return to fully staffed agencies to ensure they can meet their missions on behalf of the American people. That’s why the [FY2022] budget helps efforts to expand and enhance recruitment and hiring efforts, as well as deploy more effective qualifying assessments to improve the overall hiring process.

On-demand thought leadership

GovExec: Data-driven strategies for federal human capital management

As federal and defence agencies were forced to quickly reimagine their workforce over the past year, human capital leaders took on critical strategic roles in managing the people behind government’s mission. From recruiting to retention, onboarding to upskilling, assessing employee morale to closing the diversity and inclusion gap, human capital leaders have needed to rethink each step of the employee lifecycle, and are increasingly turning to data analytics to do just that.

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Government technology: Reimagining the state & local workforce through data

The pandemic has put a tremendous strain on one of government's greatest assets: its employees. In turn, agency and human resources leaders took on critical roles in managing the people behind public sector services and programmes. From recruiting to retention, onboarding to upskilling, assessing employee morale to closing the diversity and inclusion gap, these leaders needed to rethink each step of the employee life cycle.

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Data culture

Invest in data culture and technology to become a data-driven organisation. A data culture equips everyone in your organisation with the insights they need to be truly data-driven, tackling your most complex business challenges.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in Tableau

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can seamlessly integrate into your workflow, empowering you to make smarter decisions faster and with more confidence.

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Modern vaccine management

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Racial equity data hub

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