Tableau Embedded Analytics

Empower your organisation with competitive differentiation, a fast go-to-market plan, an enriched customer experience and opportunities for additional revenue streams.
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Amplify your growth potential

Embed and customise Tableau’s interactive, analytical capabilities to create a seamless experience with your products. Increase your product's engagement and improve customer satisfaction by integrating rich content, data and analytics directly into your product. Differentiating your product with embedded analytics creates opportunities to drive additional revenue by monetising your data.

Industry-leading analytics

Seamlessly integrate dashboards, visualisations and reports into your products, applications and web portals to enhance customer experience, reduce costs and drive revenue growth.

Elevate customer experiences

Deliver the analytics experience your users want and need. Our building blocks allow you to embed Tableau’s core features into your application. Interactive dashboards help you and your customers track critical KPIs with Metrics, ask sophisticated questions with Ask Data and edit visualisations directly to discover meaningful insights with Web Authoring.

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Learn how you can use Tableau’s Embedded Analytics in your applications here

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Accelerate your time to value

Our APIs and Developer Tools help you seamlessly integrate Tableau analytics into your products, applications and web portals quickly. Get to market faster by leveraging Tableau’s best-in-class analytics without having to build and manage the resources and expenses of building from the ground up. Leverage Tableau analytics expertise and access the continued investment in delivering unique analytical experiences.

Scale flexibly and securely

Embed analytics where you and your customers already are. Tableau integrates with your existing technologies with versatile single sign-on, enterprise-grade security and out-of-the-box availability at scale.

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Let's get technical

The Tableau Developer Programme

The Tableau Developer Programme provides training, skill-building and networking opportunities for all levels of DataDevs. When you join our developer programme, you get a free personal development sandbox where you can test our APIs and other developer tools in a safe environment.

Join the developer programme

Embedded analytics developer resources

If you wish to learn more about delivering analytics to your customers, check out our developer resources. Learn how to get started quickly and easily with our APIs and developer tools, and access our thriving developer community.

Explore our developer tools

Tableau embedded analytics playbook

This playbook summarises the key APIs and features used in embedded deployments. This playbook offers a detailed overview of our embedding requirements and supplies you with the resources necessary to get started.

Read the embedded playbook



Fast to build, faster to market

Build powerful Tableau dashboards in hours instead of days. Customise your embedded analytics integration with the Embedding API – even add two-way communication to your white-label analytics. Programmatically manage users and content at scale with the REST API

The right data for the right users

With row-level security and user filtering, Tableau allows you to build dashboards once and then load filtered data as appropriate to each user’s permissions, ensuring that your users only see the data that’s meant for them.

Resources and community

From concept to deployment, think of us as your extended team. You’ll have the support of our open-source resources, as well as the developers and viz whizzes of the Tableau Community – the most passionate and diverse data community in the world.

Broadridge Financial Solutions

Tableau's visual analytics platform, combined with our best-in-suite software, will provide insights and analytics into trading, portfolio and operations data at the speed of thought.



The reaction from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients that knew about Tableau, of course, they love it. Clients see how quickly we can drill into data combined with prettiness. And, you know, smiles immediately pop onto their faces.

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Blogs, white papers and reports

Visualise to monetise: How using data analytics externally can open new opportunities

All organisations, large or small, have data – and the potential to use this data to build better experiences for customers, partners and vendors is waiting to be untapped. There’s an opportunity for businesses to monetise data, but what could that look like and what’s the value?

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