Federal Civilian Analytics

When the country is your constituency, you need to be able to analyze data on a big scale. With Tableau, you can query nationwide datasets in seconds and drag and drop to visualize any information instantly. Gain and share the insights citizens need to improve their lives and their communities, and optimize federal programs to make the most of every dollar. It’s easy to publish interactive dashboards to promote transparency—no programming required. With built-in mapping capability, you can connect data to locations, states, districts, cities, and more to manage public spaces, services, and safety day-to-day. See how Tableau is transforming Federal government analytics through the stories below.

Citizens & Government: Strengthening the Relationship with Data

As digital citizen services have become the new imperative for government, data is the key to improving the way government organizations operate and deliver for their citizens, especially in times of crisis. Read how nine federal, state and local organizations are improving operational efficiency, enabling citizen awareness and preparedness, and improving engagement. It all starts with data.

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Census Engagement Navigator

This interactive data visualization allows users to quickly understand what areas of the country had high or low return rates in the 2010 census, and the current demographic makeup of these neighborhoods.

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How government agencies can achieve more with modern analytics

Learn how government agencies can better serve citizen constituents and internal stakeholders with modern analytics, creating an environment that encourages data literacy and better decision-making.

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Federal civilian dashboards

Federal civilian webinar series

See how Tableau is helping government agencies build the future of analytics.

Learn how to transform decisions within and across agencies by putting data front and center.

Find out how leaders can embrace a modern BI platform and put data in the hands of everyone.

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Agencies improve performance with enterprise approach to data analytics

Aligning projects and strategies to mission goals can dramatically affect performance.

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Shutdown: How data analytics mitigate business disruption

Shutdowns impact citizens. How long will it take Federal agencies to return to normal?

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Data-driven decisions require data-first culture

The concept of data-driven decision-making is more complex than it might seem at first.

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