Explain Data

AI-driven explanations for your data

See how it works – Watch the video

Get explanations for the "why" behind a data point with a single click.

Find the drivers behind your business faster

Explain Data helps accelerate your analytics by leveraging the power of AI to explain specific points in your data. Based on advanced statistical models, you are presented with a focused set of explanations so you avoid spending time chasing answers that aren’t there.

Discover the “why” you didn’t know existed

Go far beyond general trends to get answers to your targeted questions. Explain Data provides focused, interactive explanations as Tableau vizzes for the specific data points you are interested in. Dive deeper into an explanation, all while staying in your analytical workflow.

Select the data point you’re interested in and click the lightbulb icon to open Explain Data.

Explain Data automatically provides AI-driven explanations behind your selected value. Behind the scenes, hundreds of potential explanations are checked and the most likely ones are surfaced.

Dive deeper into an explanation by opening as a viz to explore with the full power of Tableau, all while staying in your analytical workflow.