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How to Improve Performance Management in Government

Christine Carmichael, Marketing Leader, Government and Education at Tableau Software

As government operations face a ‘new normal’ of fiscal restraints alongside an ever-growing need for greater accountability, new trends in measuring performance management promise opportunity for growth, sustainability and efficiency improvements.

Performance scorecards are now being delivered as data visualization dashboards and are transforming the way government leaders make critical decisions, meet their mission goals, and interact with public organizations and private citizens.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn new ways to enhance performance management within your agency by:

  • Empowering the entire organizations with self-service dashboards
  • Choosing measureable scorecard metrics that tie directly to objectives
  • Accessing and utilizing right-time data
  • Sharing data visualizations internally and externally for true collaboration

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About the author


Christine Carmichael

Marketing Leader, Government and Education at Tableau Software

Christine Carmichael is Marketing Segment Manager of the Public Sector Group at Tableau Software. She has a widely accomplished sales and marketing career in both government and education sectors.

With more than 25 years of experience in the high tech industry, Carmichael has a proven record of cultivating strategic business plans for technology companies with Public Sector missions. She spent 16 years as a senior public sector executive at SAS Institute, and most recently joined Tableau Software after leading the public sector marketing program for Massachusetts-based Kronos, Inc. Upon joining the Tableau Software team in early 2014, Carmichael was charged with developing business plans and strategies to help Tableau better serve public sector markets across the globe and to expand the company’s rapidly growing footprint for data discovery and visual analytics in the government and education space.

Carmichael graduated from North Carolina State University in 1987 with degrees in both Business Management and Economics. In 1992 she received her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Meredith College.