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A Roadmap for Today's Data-Driven Culture

The path to analysis can take many forms, but the mantra in today's competitive world is speed. No longer can companies take months to roll out analytical applications. Self-service is the standard call from business analysts looking to optimize their operations. Designing an intuitive self-service environment can be a serious challenge, however. That's why many companies are employing proven methodologies for rolling out valuable analytical solutions.

Watch this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, as he explains why a methodology can help ensure the success of analytical applications. He'll be briefed by Ted Wasserman of Tableau Software, who will discuss his company's Drive initiative, which was designed to help companies foster an analytic culture. He'll explain how Drive provides a roadmap for analytic success that focuses on securing quick wins, then building momentum with an interactive, business-focused approach

About the speakers


Dr. Robin Bloor

Founder, Bloor Research

Robin Bloor is a leading authority and influencer in the industry. In his role as an industry analyst, Robin has become an influential commentator on many corporate IT issues and is in great demand as a presenter at conferences, user groups and seminars addressing audiences across the world on a variety of technology topics from eCommerce through to IT Strategy and trends.

For a decade and a half he has been the driving force behind the research effort at Bloor Research, and has authored many of its industry reports and product comparisons. He has expertise across the whole field of IT with particular expertise in database, development tools, system management, IT security and hardware technology.

He has been influential in shaping the direction and thinking of a generation of IT strategists and continues to provide insight on the direction of IT as it moves forward.


Ted Wasserman

Product Management, Tableau

Ted leads Tableau's data strategy and execution. This includes product planning, setting the strategic vision, and leading the execution of new features and integration with technology vendors. Prior to joining Tableau, Ted worked at IBM for seven years in the Information Management division in a number of different roles including technical consulting, channel marketing, and business development. Ted holds a bachelor's degree and master's degree in computer science from Queen's University.

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