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Tableau like a Pro Fireside chat - connecting Databricks and Tableau


Companies everywhere are moving massive amounts of data from A to B - and using a wide range of technologies based on different use cases. That means data may be hot, warm, cold, batch processing, streaming, structured or unstructured. Databricks is meant for all of your data, analytics and AI on one Lakehouse platform, and this webinar will show you how to connect to Tableau to extract maximum value from this platform.

Experts from Woodmark, one of Tableau's partners, will share their expertise and best practicies when it comes connecting your data in a faster, more compliant way. The Databricks Connector for Tableau includes only fields that are necessary to establish a connection, making it simpler to configure, install, and get value faster.

Join us as we talk with Woomark about what makes the Tableau/Databricks partnership so unique, and how it can deliver transformative results for your organisation.

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About the speakers


Timo Tautenhahn

Principal Solutions Engineer - Tableau

Proven thought leader in the analytics software industry with more than 13 years of experience in guiding companies towards analytics ubiquity. He worked with nearly every DAX 40 company throughout his career and helped them on different levels within their organization to make decisions based on valuable data.

Passionate technology evangelist and storyteller whom people across the globe love to listen to. His analytics blog Tableaufans.com gets consumed in more than 130 countries and he’s one of Tableau’s best rated speakers globally. He regularly presents to large audiences of deep technical experts and IT-architects as well as business users and C-Suites – helping to build enthusiasm across whole organizations for software and analytics as enabler for cultural change.

Building deep long term relationships with key technical and business stakeholders, deliver success through technical expertise, industry knowledge and a relentless passion for helping customers see and understand data.


Marco Bruno


Marco has been with Woodmark for over 8 years and is Prokurist / Senior Manager responsible for Big Data Delivery, Cloud Architecture & Key Account for one automotive client. With his many years of consulting and management experience, Marco is involved in numerous client projects and events.


Aleksandra Dimkovich


Aleksandra is a Senior Consultant at Woodmark and has more than 4 years consulting experience in BI. Most of the projects she worked in were about creating visualizations and reports, performance optimisation, developing web services and data modelling. Over the time, Aleksandra has worked in diverse fields, such as pharmaceuticals, finance and banking, project management, etc.


Michael Galli


After several years in software development, Michael has worked as a data analyst in a healthcare startup for 3 years.
He joined Woodmark 2,5 years ago and has been involved in numerous automotive big data engineering & analytics projects.

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