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Tableau like a Pro Fireside chat - connecting SAP and Tableau

Pull up a chair and join us for a fireside chat with our experts from WIPRO. You probably already know that Tableau is the secret ingredient bringing the benefits of your SAP system to life, so we'll be diving deeper into how the two platforms connect to provide real-time analytics that can boost ROI and user adoption.

You may have heard that integrating third-party tools can be tough. But guess again. We understand how important it is to connect seamlessly to your SAP data and we continuously develop new innovations based on your feedback to make sure you can achieve your goals with Tableau and SAP.

We'll discuss how to connect to different SAP products so you can scale and govern your data, the benefits of live vs extract connections, and how to avoid common pitfalls to get the most from your platform.

If you want to hear our experts speaking about how to connect Tableau to other cloud solutions click here.

About the speakers


Marianne Buck

Lead Solution Engineer | Tableau

As one of the Sales Consultants in the Frankfurt office, Marianne provides technical guidance for customers and prospects in the European region.
Before joining Tableau, she worked across different departments at SAP and completed her Business Analytics degree at Imperial College.
When she's not solving customer challenges, she likes to explore different countries and sports.


Manas Nanda

Partner, Data and Analytics | Wipro

Manas leads Wipro’s decision science practice for Asia Pac, ANZ, Middle East and Africa region. A group that brings analytics solution to clients in varied businesses for initiatives such as cloud journey, Augmented analytice, insights modernization and Business Intelligence implementations.

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