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How Oney Data are monetising their data with embedded analytics

Want to extract maximum value from your data to create new revenue streams and a superior customer experience?

Oney Data specialises in analysing and monetising retail data to improve its customers sales performance and category management. By embedding Tableau's powerful BI dashboards into its insight sharing platform for customer accounts, Oney Data makes it easy for customers to gain new insights and interpret their data like never before, leading to a 20% rise in platform usage.

Watch this webinar with Elodie Perrigaud, Chief Data Officer at Oney Data, to see how Oney Data are embedding analytics to help their customers unlock new insights and monetise their data.

Watch now to learn:

• How to fuel your growth through data monetisation
• The benefits of embedding analytics into your product, portal or application
• How to build a customer-centric portal to share Tableau dashboards with customers
• How to implement an external-facing embedded analytics solution

About the speaker


Elodie Perrigaud

Chief Data Officer at Oney

Elodie is the Chief Data Officer for Oney based in Milan, Italy.

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