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Tableau like a Pro Fireside chat - connecting Microsoft Azure and Tableau

Our goal is to make your data actionable and available wherever you want to deploy or access it. Working with Microsoft Azure, we've made it easier than ever to deploy Tableau Server on multiple cloud platforms, including hybrid cloud. Join us as we chat to the experts about how to integrate Tableau with key Azure technologies.

We'll be talking through hot topics like how to move Tableau from on-premises to cloud (spoiler alert – it's super easy), how to authenticate with Azure Active Directory, and how to query your Azure SQL Synapse data warehouse.

Learn best practices and guidance to optimise your Tableau and Microsoft Azure deployment and integration. With a powerful, enterprise cloud analytics engine, you can unlock the benefits of fast, real-time access to data and enhanced scalability.

Make Microsoft Azure and Tableau work for you and you’ll be using Tableau like a pro in no time.

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About the speakers


Andreas Terörde

Lead Solution Engineer | Tableau Software

Andreas lives and breathes self-service analytics. Apart from focussing his master degree on this topic, he helped clients in his role as BI Consultant at a renowned Microsoft partner to fully leverage Power BI as a self-service tool. Since joining Tableau as a Solution Engineer in 2019 he helps organizations to be data driven and fully utilize Tableau as their new visual analytics platform. Apart from helping people to see and understand data, Andreas is an avid home cook and a music nerd.


Paul Vincent

Regional Lead BENELUX | Interworks

It was curiosity about other cultures and languages that drove Paul to forge the Channel and explore the Continent, living in France and Germany before eventually settling down in the Netherlands. His interest in technology led to a career in industrial automation, building a wealth of experience in marketing, sales and general management roles.

Paul’s natural enthusiasm is one of his best and most infectious traits and drives him to help both individuals and organisations grow and reach their potential. Needless to say, he’s excited by the avenues business intelligence opens up to companies big and small and how it can drive positive change, where better insights give rise to better questions and enable better decisions.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. Weather permitting, you will often find him outdoors flying light aircraft and gliders or sharing this passion by instructing others.

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