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Tableau like a Pro Fireside chat - connecting Google and Tableau

The chances are your organisation uses at least one Google service. Join our fireside chat with our Google Cloud Platform experts to find out how to unlock deeper insights from your Google-hosted data with Tableau.

Google Cloud Platform is the solution of choice for many businesses with large and complex data needs. And with Tableau, you can easily connect, manage, govern and scale your data in real-time. In fact, any business user can.

Tableau's native connections to Google services such as Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google AdWords, Google BigQuery, and Google Cloud SQL mean your business user can analyse billions of rows of data in seconds without writing a single line of code, empower users to maintain their own datasets, track advertising ROI, and we’re just getting started.

Learn how to deploy Tableau to the cloud, when to use live connectivity, and how extracts can help control costs in this must watch session.

If you want to hear our experts speaking about how to connect Tableau to other cloud solutions click here.

About the speaker


Francois Zimmermann

Technical Evangelist, EMEA

Francois Zimmermann is the Field CTO for Tableau in EMEA and owns the strategic technical relationship with our Technology Partners, System Integrators and Resellers. He also works to develop long-term peer-to-peer relationships with key customer and partner stakeholders. He is focused on developing the partner ecosystem to solve the end to end data challenges that our customers face as they build insights-driven businesses and embed analytics inside every business process.

Francois has a background in Analytics, Cloud Services, Data Integration and IoT as well as vertical solutions for Financial Services; Industrial & Manufacturing; and Health & Life Sciences.

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