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ICIS - Empower Your Customers with Real-Time Analytics

Imagine giving thousands of your customers access to real-time analytics to make smart data-driven decisions, all from within your own application or product. Join this webinar to learn how ICIS, the biggest petrochemical market information provider, embedded Tableau visualisations into their online reports to provide live pricing intelligence, forecast data, and market analytics. With access to analytics, their customers are now able to gain new market insights and interpret data in ways not seen before. See for yourself how quickly and easily ICIS progressed from producing complicated Excel reports to embedding over 2000 customer-facing visualisations into their application. You will learn:

  • How (and why) ICIS embedded Tableau into their application
  • How to easily share live data and insights with your customer
  • How to maximise customer experience and engagement by embedding analytics

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About the speaker


Manca Vitorino

Data Operations Director, ICIS

Manca is the Data Operations Director at ICIS, the world's largest petrochemical market information provider. She is responsible for deploying leading data visualisation software at scale and enabling self-service analytics across the business.

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