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The future of big data: ethics, data management and governance

As data privacy has risen in prominence, consumers are more cautious than ever about sharing data. This, in turn, affects how businesses approach data monetization, collection, and sharing. And with new regulations like GDPR, organizations are faced with crucial questions around data ethics and privacy in the context of their day-to-day business practices.

Attend this live webinar where we’ll delve into these 3 key areas:

  • data ethics
  • data privacy
  • data management and processes around data

Join us for a lively panel-style discussion to get your questions answered in real time during this live webinar.

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About the speakers


Vaidy Krishnan

Senior Product Manager, Tableau

Vaidy is a Senior Product Manager for Tableau based out of Seattle. In his role, Vaidy builds joint solutions with technology partners addressing several customer scenarios in the areas of Big Data, Cloud, Enterprise Data Management and Advanced Analytics. Prior to Tableau, Vaidy spent many years as an analytics practitioner in manufacturing and healthcare and was a Tableau customer in his most recent role as Analytics Leader at GE in Boston.


Kyle Gupton

Director, Product Management, Tableau

Technology professional with 24 years of experience spanning product management, engineering management, mergers and acquisitions, and software engineering.


Michael Hetrick

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau

Michael Hetrick is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Tableau. He draws upon his frontline experience as a customer, consultant, and services delivery manager to help customers operate their mission-critical Tableau deployments and to share modern analytics best practices.


David Spezia

Solution Architect, Tableau

David is a veteran in Business Intelligence. As a Solution Architect with Tableau, he helps customers everywhere in EMEA to maximize the value of their data with Tableau. He fell in love with Tableau when he saw its ability to give immediate answers from data on a project in the automotive industry in Detroit. He chased Tableau for a job and now helps people gain insight from data - he has not looked back since.


Dan Wilson

Director Strategic Alliances, Cloudera

Dan manages Cloudera’s alliance and go-to-market strategy with key software vendors in the data warehousing market. He works to define joint product and sales strategy in the market’s most exciting, advanced analytics ecosystem. He currently resides in Sacramento, California, having previously worked and lived in New York, Switzerland, Spain and the UK. He previously held field sales and technical roles with Microsoft’s BI and HP’s Big Data organizations.

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