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Tableau Desktop III: Advanced

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Explore complex data visualisation challenges and dig deeper into your data. You’ll learn advanced uses for calculations by applying them to real-world scenarios. Get a better understanding of how to artfully prepare and organise your data and walk away having a better grasp of advanced building techniques for creating innovative analysis and dashboards.

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Do you want to be an advanced Tableau user creating impactful visualisations? In this course, you’ll learn how to get the most out of Tableau Desktop by diving into calculations and applying them to real-world scenarios. This will help you understand when a table calculation, calculation or LOD should be used and when they overlap.
You’ll get a better understanding of how to artfully prepare and organise your visualisations. This will be done through specific scenarios around analysing time, geographical and survey data. By the end of this course, you’ll have a better grasp of advanced building techniques and calculations for creating innovative analysis and dashboards.

You'll learn how to:
  • Apply advanced calculations to gain additional insight into your data
  • Incorporate advanced chart types into your analysis
  • Apply advanced dashboarding techniques
  • How to use calculations, parameters and table calculations in tandem
  • Use Tableau techniques to address common business use cases
  • Format your visualisations and dashboards for maximum impact
  • Real-world business scenario examples

Full course description (PDF)

  • This is an advanced-level class. Students must have a solid understanding of calculations in Tableau before attending this class. It is highly recommended that students have mastered Desktop I: Fundamentals and Desktop II: Intermediate or the equivalent concepts and skills before attending Desktop III.
Course includes
  • A course manual containing key concepts on each topic covered and hands-on activities to reinforce the skills and knowledge attained
  • A digital student resources folder containing Tableau workbooks and data sources to support the hands-on activities
  • Trial access to Tableau eLearning to discover self-paced, guided learning paths and earn digital badges (public classroom attendees only)
  • This course provides a certification of completion
  • Continuing education credit (CPE) hours: 13 or 11.25 depending on the course you select (the 2 days/8 hrs per day option or the 5 days/2.5 hours per day option, respectively)

This course is part of the Analyst and Data Scientist learning paths. Find out more.

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