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TC21 Focus: Tableau Partners

Dive into episodes presented by some of Tableau's most powerful partners.

Power Your Business Today with Augmented Analytics

Bryan Zwahlen
Cathy Herbert
Hai Tran
Visualizations often obscure what is significant in the data. The most effective way to explain and understand data? Natural language – with intelligent narrative summaries.

Rakuten Next-Gen Data Platform: Analytics at Scale with Starburst

Sandipan Chakraborty
Learn how Rakuten’s Next-Gen Hybrid Data Platform (migrating from legacy data platforms) is delivering analytics at scale using Starburst and Tableau.

Analytics Productivity for Overwhelmed Data Teams

David Langton
Join David Langton, VP of Product at Matillion to learn how modern tools and architecture patterns can help you transcend data custodial tasks to focus on real innovation in analytics.

Informatica Lets You Harness the Power of Trusted, Governed Data for Self-Service Analytics

Douglas Louie
Michael Tomechak
Becoming data-driven means finding trusted, governed data. See how data management leader Informatica aligns with Tableau BluePrint to get you the data you need.

How to Power Self-Service Analytics with Snowflake and Tableau

Rafael Massei
Complex technologies and niche skills are simply not sustainable in a modern analytics platform. Learn how to use a common platform and set of tools that any domain team can tap into at any time to build and serve their data products, without getting bogged down in infrastructure maintenance or resource limitations.

Data Democratization and Adoption: Enabling Your People Through Data Sharing

Eva Murray
Modern enterprises are democratizing data at increasing speeds to maximise the return of their investment in analytics and to drive business growth as they emerge from the pandemic. Hear about the opportunities data sharing affords organisations to enable their people with greater access to data and to unlock new insights. Learn how leading businesses have found new ways of working with data and achieve impactful outcomes every day.

Bland to Bold: Dashboarding Tips from Professional Graphic Designers

Chelsea Morgan
Coming from strong design backgrounds, Chelsea Morgan shares best practices to help you flip dashboards like HGTV stars flip houses.

Data Collaboration at Scale with Tableau at Collibra

Mohammad Mallick
Stephen Campbell
Collibra is not only a Tableau partner but a customer of Tableau. Collibra uses Tableau to drive consistent, trusted reporting at speed across many lines of business. Learn how.

10x Journey – Stories of Performance and Democratization

Cesar Picco
Nitin Arora
Mark Jackson
Get Tableau to everyone and make it faster? Piedmont Healthcare, T-Mobile, and Equinix reveal how they achieved analytics nirvana with Exasol.

Increase Impact with a Modern Data Stack (MDS): an Enterprise Story by Autodesk

Jesse Pedersen
George Fraser
Autodesk has seen a massive increase in business impact of its engineering and analytics teams since adopting Fivetran automated data pipelines and Tableau. Learn how now.

Alation + Tableau: Fostering Data Culture by Increasing Trust and Transparency

Sergey Astretsov
Ibrahim Rahmani
Most modern enterprises are avid Tableau users. They also leverage the Alation data catalog to power their analytics needs. Learn how these enterprises make data-driven decisions with Alation and Tableau to create a cohesive data culture.

Sharing is Caring: Overcoming Barriers to Analytics Adoption

Colin Gelfer
Learn what it takes to act on your analytics. Reach a broader user population and help drive change throughout your organization.

Start Submitting Data from Tableau Dashboards Making Analytics Actionable!

André Gois
Ricardo Pires
Watch this video to understand how you can leverage Write-Back, a high grade Tableau extension, that enables dashboard users to provide inputs straight from the Tableau dashboards. John will take you on this journey showing use case examples and how you can use it.

Universal Real-Time Data Connectivity for Tableau with CData

Jerod Johnson
Explore the CData connectivity solutions, solving data fragmentation and enabling rich, live connectivity to 250+ enterprise data sources for Tableau & Tableau Online.

Automating Tableau Storytelling: Delivering 1,000,000 Free, Personalized COVID-19 Emails

David Millrod
See Insight Rocket’s unprecedented Tableau automation deliver personalized, dynamic data stories at scale. Watch data driven rules tailor every email’s narrative and vizes.

Data to 20% Increase in Sales in Two Weeks: Case Study from #1 Rated AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) Solution

Jonathan Wray
Arijit Sengupta
Alistair Grant
Strive increased sales by 20% in 14 days, with end user adoption in just three days. See the latest in augmented analytics and AI by the creators of BeyondCore.

Achieving Business Agility with Self-Service and Faster Access to Data Assets

Saptarshi Sengupta
Building a self-service data culture plays a critical role in achieving business agility. This session will showcase how Denodo’s Data Catalog empowers a self-service data marketplace requiring minimal IT intervention.

Bland to Bold: Dashboarding Tips from Professional Graphic Designers

Chelsea Morgan
Coming from strong design backgrounds, Chelsea Morgan shares best practices to help you flip dashboards like HGTV stars flip houses.

Serving Our Neighbors in Need: How Feeding America is Empowering Food Banks Through Tableau

Stephanie Zidek
Caleb Catalano
Maryann Byrdak
Join Feeding America’s Chief Information Officer and the Director of Data and Analytics for a conversation about how Tableau has become a critical tool in the fight to end hunger.

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