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Tableau Server 2022.1.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, which contains additional fixes.

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After May 2023, fixed defects will no longer be posted here and can be found at[sfcategoryfull]=Tableau selecting the Status = Solution Deployed.

Tableau Server has been updated in alignment with security best practices. We encourage Tableau Server customers to update to the latest version here.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Users would sometimes not be able to login or be added to Tableau Server with version 2022.1.0 - 2022.1.3 unless legacy identity mode is selected and this behavior impacted a number of authentication types.


Subscription email for a successful Prep Flow run failed to send.


Client-side rendered text could have a different size when comparing Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server.


The backgrounder logs could grow very large in size specific to the performance monitoring in the metrics instrumentation logs.


The multiple values in a Custom List filter does not respect the "All Values in Context" setting.


Background Tasks for Non Extracts jobs could fail with the error "ProxyClient was unable to find a gRPC channel to the service 'extract_service' as required by class 'com.tableauosftware.comain.extractdata.grpc.IExtractServiceMaintenanceGrpc'" when no Tableau Advanced Management Add-On was enabled.


Dashboard displays could be incorrect with characters crushed or overlapped after an upgrade of the product.


Site export and import could fail with a foreign key constraint error message.


An incremental refresh with a Snowflake data source could take too long to complete causing the product to hang.


The creator_id in the public.tasks Workgroups database could show 0 for refresh extracts connecting to the Anaplan data source.


Case insensitive usernames with the "legacy-identity-mode" disabled could cause login failures.


With client rendering, long texts could often not wrap correctly.


When Virtual Connection extracts are refreshed, an unknown error with an error code "305B73A6" could occur in Tableau Desktop and an error, "0xA6F76B8C" in the browser.


Catalog showed duplicate table entries for the same Oracle table if the Service Name case was different.


When attempting to filter the Users page, not all results were returned as expected.


The following error could occur when there are too many condition settings in a CASE/WHEN clause, "System error: Comparison method violates its general contract!".

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Thu, 21 July, 2022

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