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Retail analytics

Uncover and visualise key data points, forecast demand and mitigate supply chain disruptions

Top 10 retail dashboards for better performance

Interact with 10 dashboards retailers use to create business value and develop competitive advantages.

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How Whole Foods created a data-driven culture across 460 stores

See how this supermarket chain uses Tableau to create a single source of truth across all stores, transforming and improving the company’s everyday approach to customer experience and operations.

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The sales-facing dashboard helped us promote the self-service model. We could see by account or geographic area where our e-commerce platform was being used, which customers were engaging with it and where they needed help from the reps.

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Starbucks dashboards

Starbucks on the future of analytics: adapting to drive innovation and connection

Learn how Starbucks took a holistic approach to data-driven analytics to gain insight into customer behaviour and store usage.

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REI delivers a personalised retail experience with Tableau

Find out how REI leverages insights from Tableau to provide a better, more personalised customer experience.

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Tesco employee

Tesco increases sales with supply chain data in Tableau

Learn how Tesco uses supply chain data visualisation to make more accurate predictions and create a better customer experience by improving product availability and quality.

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Strengthen the supply chain with real-time vendor analytics

Discover how retailers can use granular data to manage the supply chain, meet customer demands and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

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Thrive with real-time store analytics

Empower stores with actionable insights to manage inventory, meet evolving customer expectations and navigate changes in today’s retail market.


Supply chain optimisation

See how the supply chain optimisation dashboard allows retailers to better understand their digitally connected supply chain and manage disruptions.


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Empower everyone with retail intelligence

See how data-driven insights can help stores to better manage inventory, meet customer expectations and make smarter decisions at scale.

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CRM Analytics

Tap into the power of your data with AI-driven analytics and actionable insights.

Tableau Cloud

Easily share data, dashboards and visualisations in the cloud, and efficiently manage your data environment.

Tableau Data Management

Drive trust in your data environment with better visibility, accountability and control.

Tableau Partner Network

Tableau Partner Network

Need help solving your toughest data challenges? We’ve got you. With more than 1,200 partners – including resellers, services and technology – it’s easy to get the right support for your business.

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Salesforce and Tableau

A complete intelligence platform built on the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, CRM Analytics offers retail companies a native analytics experience. To boost productivity, Salesforce users can surface intelligent, actionable insights – right within their workflow.

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Tableau for departments

Departments across organisations worldwide are empowering their people with data. Learn how departments are driving business forward with Tableau.

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Technology integrations

Organisations are finding opportunities to integrate Tableau with their existing technologies to drive business forward.

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