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Why IT professionals choose Tableau for modern BI and analytics

A growing demand for data means an increasingly competitive business intelligence and analytics market. Modern, self-service analytics introduced new, user-friendly visual analysis capabilities – but also entirely new considerations for the evaluation process of enterprise BI platforms.

Understand the value of modern, self-service analytics

Modern analytics is not a commodity. Today’s enterprise BI platforms are not created equally, and it’s critical to understand their value and ability to drive transformation, as opposed to serving as a “good enough” business intelligence tool.

We believe that a critical aspect in evaluating modern BI solutions is to deeply understand the value it brings to the organisation and how it supports transformation through analytics. If you do your due diligence, you won’t just make a checklist of present capabilities of the software, nor would you choose a “good enough” platform because of its apparent low price.

To ensure its longevity as an investment for driving enterprise transformation, you should also have confidence in the mission, philosophy, and community – both users and technology partners – that surround your analytics platform. This will ensure you choose a platform that delivers on the full value of modern, self-service analytics for all users and IT professionals as you deploy, scale and support your enterprise BI efforts.

Learn why Tableau is a market leader in enterprise BI

Tableau is the market-leading choice in modern, self-service business intelligence, offering the greatest analytical breadth, depth and flexibility with the Tableau platform. Everything we do is driven by our mission to help people see and understand data, and our commitment to offering the most user-friendly, complete modern analytics platform.

This paper is written for IT and business intelligence decision makers to understand what differentiates Tableau from other analytics solutions in the market. Read on to learn about what Tableau offers, including:


  • Relentlessly customer-focused innovation – from our patented VizQL interface to natural language capabilities and visual, direct data preparation
  • Flexibility and choice in deployment – including on-premises, public cloud or fully hosted SaaS with more than 75 native data source connections
  • Unmatched analytical breadth and depth for users of all skill levels – from drag-and-drop operations and powerful, intuitive mapping capabilities to smart recommendations driven by AI and machine learning
  • The most passionate community of data enthusiasts – our diverse, global community is not just a source for inspiration and support, but directly influences our product development

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