Education Analytics

Empowering schools and institutions alike with data

Schools need data to improve. From primary to higher education, the sources education data are vast. Managing analysis and reporting across departments or campuses can be challenging, but Tableau's easy-to-use analytics platform solves these problems. With Tableau, anyone can perform insightful analytics and share their findings. Tableau makes it easy to discover insights into how lesson plans correlate to student performance, how to keep at-risk kids engaged, and how to make enrolment more efficient. Tableau can also be a powerful tool within the classroom, empowering students and teachers alike to see and understand their data. With data analytics becoming more and more valuable, it is vital for all facets of the education system to become comfortable with data. This is why Tableau is committed to making world-class analytics tools accessible and affordable within Education. Students can enjoy free access to Tableau, educators get access to a wealth of resources, and administrators may qualify for special discounts.

De Montfort University: "Exceptional results in reporting and engagement” with Tableau

Discover how a number of departments across De Montfort University's are using Tableau to turn data into strategic information. See how they are able to develop insightful data visualisations in a short amount of time and not have to worry about end-user training.

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Understand how each space is used on your campus

Understanding the makeup of space use on your campus is essential in effectively planning budgets and allocating resources to the places that need it most. Anyone in the district can interact and dive into space use by department and by use type, and view where they are located on campus.

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