Associations and Non-Profits Analytics

With Tableau, associations and not-for-profit organisations can measure impact—and help them grow. Get to know your donors in-depth for better fundraising results. Track the progress of your programs and increase transparency through interactive visuals that make data easy for everyone to understand. Across datasets, at any level, insights are at your fingertips, enabling you to make new connections and accelerate positive change.

WWF uses Tableau to bring conservation to life through data and connect over 7,000 employees

Learn how WWF, the world’s leading independent conservation organisation, uses Tableau to centralise and analyse the large volumes of data generated from its global activities. With Tableau, WWF can bring conservation project data to life and provide demonstrable evidence of the impact their work is having to its five million supporters.

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World Food Programme analyses food insecurity data to combat hunger

Discover how the WFP are using data and Tableau to understand the food security situation on the ground in a number of countries. With access to data, decision-makers can understand different aspects of food insecurity and how best to direct resources.


Tableau in the Wild: How WWF use data to better the planet

How many lions are still alive but endangered in the Saharan regions of Africa? How has placing support in the Amazon helped reduce deforestation? Find out how WWF answers these questions using data and the visual analytics power of Tableau.


Feeding America fights hunger with data and Tableau

Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks and meal programs feeding over five million people per year. With faster access to data using Tableau, learn how the organisation can now track everything from sourcing, to distribution and cost management.

Whether we’re monitoring global palm oil production, tracking Kenyan fishery quotas or logging killer whale sightings off the coast of Alaska, Tableau lets us visualise the data in the most impactful and engaging way possible.

Need help with your data? Meet the Tableau Service Corps

Tableau Service Corps is a network of Tableau volunteers eager to help non-profits do more with their data. Whether you're just getting started with Tableau, stuck on a problem, or want to upgrade your data visualisation skills, you can find an expert ready to lend a hand. Sessions can be in-person or virtual.

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