Our approach to analytics

Our sole mission is to help people see and understand data. This means providing an analytics platform that allows everyone to reveal actionable insights—from the incremental to the transformative.

Analytics should be visual

At Tableau, we believe in using the visual to drive your analysis. When you get observable feedback as you analyze, the power of exploration is in your hands. When you build an analysis and learn from it simultaneously, opportunities for investigation present themselves. Tableau’s visual analytics makes asking and answering questions of your data intuitive, even as those questions naturally grow in complexity—so you can continue to ask, “Why?”

Stay in the flow

Immediate understanding

Tableau fuels unlimited data exploration by taking advantage of your natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly. It's all thanks to VizQL, our patented technology that translates drag-and-drop actions into data queries. In other words, we built analytics that work the way you think.

Define Analytics whitepaper

If you have ever been frustrated when trying to plot a useful graph from a simple spreadsheet, you would appreciate the value of a system that allows users to create stunning graphs interactively and easily from large multidimensional datasets.

Analytics should be powerful

We believe that to help everyone see and understand data, we need to provide rich capabilities for users of all levels of technical ability. From simple, go-to metrics to advanced analytic techniques, Tableau provides a flexible front-end for data exploration with the necessary analytical depth for the data scientist. By leveraging sophisticated calculations, R and Python integration, rapid cohort analysis, and predictive capabilities, data scientists can conduct complex, quantitative analyses in Tableau, and share visual results to facilitate better understanding and collaboration with data.

Tableau R integration

Unhindered analysis

Integrate with R and Python directly in Tableau so you can leverage preexisting models or script in-app. Here, we perform multiple linear regression to discover how many tourists are required to reach a specific income goal.

Advanced Analytics Checklist

Tableau empowers the whole organization. It brings advanced analytics into the hands of people who don’t necessarily have an analyst’s or programmer’s skill set.

Analytics should be smart

We've invested in technologies that make analytics intuitive and addicting. Instant geocoding means you can automatically create maps with a click; suggested table joins make data prep a breeze; Show Me recommends the best visualizations for your data; and automatic data role assignments get you to visual exploration faster. Our development team is always working on new innovations. From suggesting relevant content to supporting drag-and-drop statistical analyses, Tableau makes the most of machine learning and advanced analytics to put the power of data discovery in everyone’s hands.

Smart tables and joins

Expertise on tap

Tableau brings you the wisdom of all your organization’s experts by taking advantage of collective insights. How? By providing features like smart table and join recommendations, which suggest data prep functions based on what other Tableau users have done.

Define Analytics whitepaper

I would say the biggest change is that people are actually thinking about, 'How do I do something different in the company?' They’re considering Tableau as a tool to change how they work.

Analytics should be accessible

With Tableau, you can deliver visual analytics to your organization in whichever way makes the most sense to you. Use Tableau Mobile for on-the-go data access and analysis on any device, or explore and interact with vizzes directly in the browser. You can even embed your analytics into other applications to give them more visibility. Want to allow your customers to benefit from powerful analytics? Integrate Tableau into your own product, and make your solution shine. From customer support to product training and roadmap collaboration, we are focused on empowering you and your customers to gain value from their data.

Embedded analytics

Originally published on Tableau Public by Brit Cava.

Embedded analytics

Your analytics should be fast to create, and faster to market. With Embedded Analytics from Tableau, you'll make the most of your investments to deliver the right solution to your customers. From concept to deployment, we're part of your team.

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The reaction from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients that knew about Tableau, of course, love it. They see how quickly we can drill into data and see the results. And, you know, smiles immediately pop on their faces.

Complete analytics platform

In many ways, Tableau stands alone among analytics platforms. We make smart people smarter: By staying focused on empowering users to ask interesting questions of their data as quickly as possible, we built a platform that has valuable functionality for everyone in your organization. We put trusted data at the center of your business, so your people can connect and explore limitlessly.

Tableau products portfolio

Products with a purpose

Give your people a platform to innovate with data. Discover analytics products that take your data from information to insight: Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Cloud, and Tableau Mobile.

Our Products

Using Tableau's simple and intuitive platform, we could enable our customers to understand and leverage insights from program data.

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