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Tableau 10.3

We’re always working on features that make Tableau the best platform for your analytics. The features below are in development for Tableau 10.3. What ships in the final release may change.

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Tableau 10.3

  • Data-driven alerts
  • Choices for story points
  • Web authoring updates
  • Android improvements
  • Universal linking for Tableau Online
  • Smart banners for Tableau Server
  • PDF connector
  • Smart table & join recommendations
  • Cloud file connector
  • Amazon Athena connector
  • MongoDB BI connector
  • ServiceNow ITSM connector
  • JSON connector update
  • Save embedded data sources on the web
  • Tableau Bridge for Tableau Online
  • Custom subscriptions
  • REST API support for tagging data sources and views
  • REST API support for switching sites
  • REST API support for getting sites
  • JavaScript API support for Undo/Redo customization
  • Latest date presets
  • Distribute evenly
  • Tooltip selection

Take collaboration one step further

Making data-driven decisions together is even easier with improved authoring in the browser, mobile updates, and alerts baked in.

Data-driven alerts for Tableau Server

Stay on top of your business with data-driven alerts for Tableau Server. Choose a threshold to receive alert email for yourself or your whole team.

ready to test

Story points menu

Take control of your data story with more immediate access to story point menu options.

ready to test

Web authoring updates

Create and edit stories directly in the browser. Plus, we've added the ability to drill up on continuous axes. Coming soon to beta: display options for maps, better number formatting, and calc improvements.

ready to test

Android improvements

We've updated our Android app with easy site-switching and an all-inclusive toolbar that creates even more room for your viz.

ready to test

Smart access to your data

Get the right data for your analysis, whether it's on-premises or in the cloud, with more connectors and smart recommendations.

PDF Connector

Bring data from PDF tables directly into Tableau to explore and analyze.

ready to test

Smart table & join recommendations

Find the data you need, faster. Tableau uses machine learning to recommend tables and joins based on data source use metrics.

ready to test

Save embedded data sources on the web

Now you can publish embedded data sources directly from the browser.

ready to test

Enterprise-class functionality

Make the most of your data environment with the Tableau Bridge, accessibility support, API updates, and more.

Tableau Bridge for Tableau Online

Tableau Online users can now connect live to on-premises databases securely with the Tableau Bridge, enabling a true hybrid data environment.

ready to test

Custom subscription schedules for Tableau Online

Get subscriptions at any time with custom subscription schedules for Tableau Online.

ready to test

Effortless analytics

Get up to speed with analytics that make answering questions addictive.

Tooltip selection

Understand relationships faster. Select categories in your tooltips to easily identify marks in the view.

ready to test

Latest date presets

Start with up-to-date data. Set filters to display latest date values automatically, as soon as your workbook opens.

ready to test

Distribute evenly in dashboard

Evenly distribute objects in your dashboard with a click.

ready to test

Learn more about all of our pre-release opportunities and help test future functionality. Any unreleased features or services are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.