Tableau 2024.1

Tableau Pulse, AWS Marketplace availability and more

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Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse: a reimagined data experience built on the Tableau platform that empowers every employee with intelligent, personalised and contextual insights delivered in the flow of work. Tableau Pulse helps everyone in your organisation integrate data into their daily jobs to make better, faster decisions. Without having to learn a new tool or build comprehensive visualisations, Tableau Pulse helps you go beyond the how and what and shows you the why behind your data.

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Tableau Pulse on Mobile

Check your metrics on the go. Access Tableau Pulse on Tableau Mobile and explore personalised data insights to help you understand the trends, outliers and other noteworthy changes to the metrics that matter most to you. Tableau Pulse on Mobile makes it easy for you to access your insights by linking metrics in Tableau Pulse email and Slack directly to the app's insights exploration page so you can dig deeper with just one click.

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Tableau Cloud on AWS Marketplace

Tableau Cloud is now available in AWS Marketplace to help IT leaders simplify billing, streamline procurement and get a comprehensive view of IT spending. Additionally, all Tableau Cloud sites get 1 TB of data storage. Customers with the Enterprise SKU and Advanced Management get 5 TB of data storage.

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Tableau 2024.1 is here

Read up on our launch announcement covering all the new features in this release, including Tableau Pulse GA, AWS Marketplace availability and more.


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Learn how Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse enhance your data experience in Tableau Cloud.


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Tableau Conference

Join the DataFam in San Diego for the data event of the year. Level up your analytics for the future of data and AI.

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Identify duplicate rows

Trust that your data is clean and accurate with enhanced Tableau Prep functionality.

Identify duplicate rows

Trust that your data is clean and accurate with enhanced Tableau Prep functionality to identify duplicate records across your data set. With the visual and direct nature of Tableau Prep, it is now easier to understand the reason behind the duplicate records. Users can fix the identified data issues or remove all the duplicates, based on specific data prep needs.


Select header and start row in Tableau Prep

Simplified Excel data handling in Tableau Prep.

Select header and start row in Tableau Prep

Ensure precision in cleaning and shaping Excel files in Tableau Prep. Users can effortlessly identify file schemas, including ‘metadata rows’, providing clarity at the start of their data files. With the ability to preview data in input settings and explicitly set headers and data start rows, users gain control over their Excel data.