Tableau 2023.1

Accelerator Data Mapping, Tableau for Slack enhancements and more

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Accelerator Data Mapping

With Data Mapping, you can jump-start your analytics even faster by reducing the time and effort required to set up an Accelerator’s ready-to-use dashboards. Now, when configuring an Accelerator, the Data Mapper allows users to pull outside data into the Accelerator and map fields from their data source into the fields the Accelerator expects. This will be made possible via the Data Mapping UI – a hybrid dialogue box that opens by default with any Data Mapping-enabled Accelerator. 

Tableau for Slack enhancements

Collaborate on insights more effectively with the Tableau app for Slack. The latest enhancements make it even easier to put data at the centre of every conversation and decision. Now, you can:

  • Share Tableau content with context. Links now produce previews so your team can quickly recognise – and act on – relevant information.
  • Easily search for and share Tableau content in direct messages and channels. 
  • Get to insights faster by conveniently accessing your recents and favourites from the app homepage.

*The Tableau for Slack enhancements will be available in the coming weeks.

Identity Pools for Tableau Server

Identity Pool will enable you to branch out of the strict single identity store limitation we have in Tableau Server. An Identity Pool is the combination of a “Source of Users”, traditionally called the Identity Store and an authentication mechanism. With this feature, you will be able to add additional pools where you can have your source of users belong to a local identity store and have them authenticate with OpenID Connect for modern authentication. This added flexibility will be particularly helpful for organisations that have a set of external users that need access to Tableau that they are not able to invite to their corporate Active Directory.

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Tableau 2023.1 is here!

Read up on our launch announcement covering all the new features in this release, including Accelerator Data Mapping, Tableau for Slack enhancements, Identity Pools and more!


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