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Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2014

The innovation in data and analytics continues to accelerate, transforming the staid old business intelligence industry into a new source of value for the enterprise. The result has been data in the hands of more people and the ability to drive better decisions. From noSQL to predictive analytics, here we've gathered the top 10 business intelligence trends for 2014.

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1. The end of data scientists.

Data science moves from the specialist to the everyman. Familiarity with data analysis becomes part of the skill set of ordinary business users, not experts with "analyst" in their titles. Organizations that use data to make decisions are more successful, and those that don't use data begin to fall behind.

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2. Cloud business intelligence goes mainstream.

Organizations that want to get up and running fast with analytics drive adoption of cloud-based business intelligence. New scenarios such as collaboration with customers and outside-the-firewall mobile access also accelerate adoption. The maturation of cloud services helps IT departments get comfortable with business intelligence in the cloud.

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3. Big data finally goes to the sky.

Cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery transform the process of building out a data warehouse from a months-long process to a matter of days. This enables rapid prototyping and a level of fexibility that previously was not possible. Cloud offerings like Teradata Cloud and SAP HANA from traditional vendors validate the space.

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