Platform security

You need to keep proprietary data and your analytics secure, while still providing access for authorised users. With Tableau, you can. Create an easy-to-find, easy-to-secure destination for your data and your content. And say goodbye to the “just email me that spreadsheet” mindset.


Tableau Server supports industry-standard authentication including Active Directory, Kerberos, OpenId Connect, SAML, trusted tickets and certificates. Tableau Server also has its own built-in user identity service – local authentication. Tableau Server creates and maintains an account for each named user on the system which persists across sessions for a consistent personalised experience. In addition, authors and publishers can use server-wide identity information in views they publish to control what data other users can see and download.

Data security

Whether you’re a bank, school, hospital or government agency, you can’t afford to lose control of your data assets. Tableau has a breadth of options to help you fulfil your security objectives. You can choose to implement security solely based on your database authentication, or implement security solely in Tableau, or select a hybrid security model in which user information in Tableau Server corresponds to data elements in the underlying database. Tableau Cloud reinforces your existing data security strategies and meets SOX, SOC and ISAE industry compliance standards.


Tableau Server roles and permissions provide administrators with fine-grained control over the data, content and objects a user can access, and the actions a user or group can perform on that content. You can also control who can add comments, save workbooks and connect to specific data sources. Group permissions let you manage many users at once. User and group roles are also available within workbooks to allow filtering and control of data within dashboards. This means you only have to maintain a single dashboard for all of your regions, clients or teams, and they will only see their own data.

Network security

Your network security devices help protect your on-premises deployment of Tableau Server from being accessed by untrusted networks and the Internet. And when access to Tableau Server is not restricted, transmission security becomes even more critical. Tableau Server uses the robust security capabilities of SSL/TLS to encrypt transmissions from clients to Tableau Server and from Tableau Server to your databases. Tableau helps you protect your data, users and content from the outside world.

Tableau Server platform security

Tableau is a modern enterprise analytics platform that enables self-service analytics at scale through governance. Security is the first and most critical part of a data and content governance strategy. Tableau Server provides the comprehensive features and deep integration needed to address all aspects of enterprise security. Tableau helps organisations promote trusted data sources for all users, so the right data is used to make the right decisions quickly. As the promise of a single central EDW wanes and data proliferation continues to accelerate powered by the cloud, managing consistent security across all the various platforms becomes crucial for your enterprises.