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The roll out of 5G and the increase in AI and IOT technology are colliding with increased competition and new regulatory requirements—heightening pressure on the sector. Telco leaders need to solve these pressures whilst finding the space to reduce churn, innovate, update legacy systems and target potential customers.

Can regulations actually be met while pushing the boundaries of the industry? The answer is yes. The solution lies in harnessing the right data to consistently make better informed and profitable decisions. The Telco Analytics Knowledge Hub will show you how adopting a fresh approach to your data with Tableau can transform your business.

Tableau Demo for Telcos

Leverage data-driven analytics for improved customer targeting

Watch this demo to see how Tableau helps telcos hyper-segment and analyse their customer data—helping to discover behaviours and patterns that guide smarter targeting.


Telco eBook

Telcos, changing the approach to customer connections

Download our ebook to discover how Verizon, Telia, M-net, and Swisscom are using Tableau to enhance the customer experience, develop innovative products and propositions, identify cost efficiencies, and improve targeting with data-driven customer analytics.

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Tableau Telco Summit

Watch the Tableau Telco Summit to discover how Telefonica, Bouygues Telecom, CKH IOD & CKDelta (Hutchison 3G), and Tele2 reinvented how they analyse data with Tableau to optimise call centre operations, understand customer buying patterns, and create new revenue streams

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