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Tableau Pulse for Marketing Leaders

Tableau Pulse puts AI-powered insights in the palm of your hand. See how Pulse helps CMOs and marketing leaders stay on top of their KPIs and take action to drive awareness, engagement, and growth for their business.



Marketing Dashboards: The Do's and Don'ts

Learn four best practices for creating effective marketing dashboards that help you work more efficiently, boost productivity, and drive success now.

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Boost efficiency using marketing analytics

Speed time to insights by 29% and drive smarter, faster decisions.


Find insights

Produce rich data visualizations using natural language queries.

Make predictions

Use visual analytics to make accurate forecasts.

Take actions

Easily share marketing KPIs and insights.

Customer Success with Tableau


Customer Story: Tinuiti

Marketing agency, Tinuiti, combined data from more than 100 sources in Tableau Prep and scaled marketing analytics for its 500 clients. Now, the agency spends 60 percent less time preparing data, and staff and clients can quickly use dynamic dashboards to explore the data on their own. The result? The team at Tinuiti can deliver more value and focus on the interesting stories behind the data.

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As marketers, we have so much data we need to act upon and Tableau gives us the ability to connect to many different data sources in the marketing ecosystem.

See and understand your data to drive marketing success

Marketing leadership KPI dashboard

Track marketing KPIs and set data-driven alerts.

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Blog performance by page views

Set goals and track blog performance over time.

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Digital marketing campaign performance

Explore trends and see how campaigns perform across channels by segment and date.

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How to Integrate Data Into Your Daily Decisions to Drive Team Alignment and Agility

The key to better, faster business decisions? Data. Explore three ways to easily integrate data-driven decision making into your daily workflows and start making an impact with data.

Smarketing: A sales and marketing love story

Get tips on how sales and marketing teams can partner together and use analytics to help boost leads, land bigger and better accounts, and drive efficient growth.

Plug-and-play analytics

Jumpstart your analysis and realize business value faster with Tableau Accelerators: free turnkey dashboards that work with your existing data.

Seeing is believing

Uncover insights faster for hundreds of use cases across industries, departments, and enterprise applications. These ready-to-use dashboards boost your productivity by tapping into the deep, functional, and industry expertise of the entire Tableau ecosystem–letting you harness the full power of your data.

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