Product release and download

Tableau Server Management Add-on 2021.3

Build number

RMT 2021.3.21.0812.1706, CMT 2021.3-1.1.285

Release date

Tue, 07 September, 2021

Product support

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Maintenance ends for Tableau versions 2019.3.x – 2020.3.x on November 11, 2021. Learn more

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Running 'rmtadmin cleanup' on the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool could remove additional files besides log files.


A banner in the Resource Monitoring Tool that informs users about the occurrence of a critical incident in the past 24 hours has had its wording updated to reflect the time frame.


Sorting on the user column for the Vizqlsessions within the Tableau Resource Monitoring tool defaulted to sorting by descending order rather than ascending.


Informational banners on the SMTP configuration page of the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool did not properly update without a page refresh.

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