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US Geological Survey: Creating a COVID-19 Application in Tableau

In early March, when the severity of the Covid-19 situation was drastically coming to light, the USGS was rapidly developing new decision-making regimes governing the travel of its mission-critical workers. At the US Geological Survey California Water Science Center (CAWSC), the data team in the Biogeochemistry and Contaminants group had been incorporating Tableau into its research project workflows, and saw the opportunity to apply data pipeline and visualization techniques to help manage the situation. With the intended use centered on mobile devices, CAWSC built an app using the Tableau environment to visualize Covid-19 trends, so that USGS decision-makers and workers could have current, time-series information at their desk or in their pocket to help make more informed choices.

Download the workbook used in the presentation.

This is part of the Leading Through Change in Government webinar series.

About the speakers


Chuck Hansen

Hydrologist, US Geological Survey California Water Science Center

Chuck Hansen is a hydrologist with the USGS CAWSC in Sacramento, CA. His scientific research focuses on California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and he is leading an effort to expand the accessibility and usability of USGS water science data using Tableau. Chuck’s team used their existing data pipeline infrastructure create their Tableau-based application for use in real-time by the USGS to assess and respond to the threats posed to its field personnel by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can reach out to Chuck with questions: jahansen@usgs.gov


Brendan Wakefield

Physical Scientist, US Geological Survey California Water Science Center

Brendan is a Physical Scientist with the USGS CAWSC. He is part of the team working on a large data integration and visualization effort, where the Tableau suite of tools is playing a major role in getting raw datasets to scientists immediately after they come off the sensors. He has a background in perception research and risk analysis, and he enjoys any project that involves statistical programming. You can reach out to Brendan with questions: bwakefield@usgs.gov

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