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Delivering Measurable Value at Seattle Children's through Supply Chain and Inventory Management

At Seattle Children’s Hospital, they were challenged by supply chain management. Their orders didn’t reflect their needs, and as a result, their supplies were hoarded, hidden, and overstocked. Adopting self-service data discovery and visual analytics was a game changer for them. And their new process has saved them millions in inventory, carrying costs, and wastage per year.

During this session, you’ll learn:

- How self-service data discovery and analytics can be leveraged to support supply chain

- The data and analytics driven approach adopted by Seattle Children’s to drive measurable cost savings and productivity

- How actionable insights for physicians, nurses, and clinicians has enabled them to deliver a higher quality of care while removing them from “the supply chain business”

About the speaker


Jason Klein

Supply Chain Specialist, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Jason Klein has worked at Seattle Children's Hospital for the past 11 years in the supply chain department. He has worked with Tableau for 5 years and has designed and implemented many reports for the hospital. His primary focus is with internal distribution of supplies and building visualizations to identify usage and improvement options.

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