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Analytics for Casinos with Tableau & Salesforce

A single slot machine can spit out nearly 100,000 rows of data a year, and one casino with multiple slot machines and gaming platforms can expect millions or even billions of fields per year to analyze. While modern casino-resorts may collect a treasure trove of data, actually understanding that information can be difficult.

Join us for a 60 minute webinar as we present the Tableau and Salesforce platforms which give casinos the ability to see, understand, and action on that data. We’ll focus on analytics to drive profitability and customer experience through dashboards for revenue, mapping, player development, and more.

About the speakers


Anna Lee

Principal Solution Engineer

Anna Lee is a Principal Solution Engineer at Tableau and serves as a technical advisor to customers and prospects. Prior to her years at Tableau, Anna worked at MicroStrategy, Siebel Systems, and Oracle. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and Georgetown University. Anna lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, three active boys and an even more active-dog, Copper.


Waseem Bhatti

Salesforce Solutions Engineer

Waseem Bhatti is a Solution Engineer at Salesforce and serves as a technical advisor to customers and prospects. Prior to his time at Salesforce, Waseem worked at IT Concepts and Peer Software. Waseem is a graduate of George Mason University with a degree in Applied Information Technology.

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