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These comprehensive, instructor-led courses offered across the globe will help get you up to speed quickly.


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The skills you want and the flexibility you need. With Tableau’s Training Pass, get 3 months of unlimited access to expert-led classes on a schedule that works for you.



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Whether you’re just starting your Tableau journey or are a seasoned data guru, our catalogue of individual courses offers the training you need to take your data skills to the next level.

Learning paths

Explore the learning objectives, curriculum and related paths that can help you achieve your learning goals. Or you can answer a few quick questions and we will match you with the right learning path based on how you use (or want to use) Tableau. Find your path. 

Author badge

As an author, you leverage your foundational Tableau skills to make smarter business decisions more quickly by digging into available data sources to create visualisations and dashboards, mostly for your own consumption.

Author path details

Designer badge

As a designer, you create beautiful, functional and impactful visualisations that help stakeholders across your organisation absorb information quickly and easily.

Designer path details

Analyst badge

As an analyst, you are responsible for supporting your organisation’s lines of business to deliver valuable insights from data.

Analyst path details

Executive Sponsor badge

As an executive sponsor, you are responsible for driving the decisions and strategies that enable your organisation’s continued growth and success.

Executive sponsor path details

Community Leader badge

As a community leader, you are responsible for coordinating efforts related to user enablement around communications, engagement and support.

Community leader path details

Site Admin badge

As a site admin, you manage, monitor and maintain sites on Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.

Site admin path details


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Analytical reasoning is the #3 most-needed hard skill in 2020, according to LinkedIn. Tableau certification is a chance to prove you’ve got what it takes. Start paving the way to your future and boost your CV with in-demand data expertise. Skill up and feel the shine.

Data literacy for all

Learn data skills fundamentals, including exploring, understanding and communicating with data.

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The Tableau Community showcases the best Tableau has to offer. Get answers, inspiration and connections.