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From healthcare to HR, our partners are providing solutions to help industries kick-start their data-driven journey back to business

Our business landscape has fundamentally changed, and we know you need to make the right decisions for your business faster than ever. Our partners are here for you. They have developed these solutions to help you accelerate your business growth.

Back to Business workbook

Reopening your businesses is now a product of understanding public health data and government regulations that did not exist six months ago. CoEnterprise provides insights that help you ask and answer questions critical to reopening your stores at the right time so that you can keep your employees and customers safe and healthy while still complying with new policies and regulations.

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Social Distancing Floor Plan for Restaurants workbook

Enduring over three consecutive months of decreased sales due to COVID-19 regulations, restaurants are starting to cautiously tiptoe towards reopening. They will need to get used to a new and different dining experience in the aftermath of the pandemic, including new floor plans.

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Keep Patients Safe workbook

Slalom’s coSAFE dashboard helps hospital leaders connect to their data sources to quickly view critical hospital-level data, from patient data to PPE availability. Adapt this template for your hospital's systems to rapidly assess, diagnose and act in response to COVID-19.

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Human resources starter workbook

Lovelytics, a Tableau, data analytics and geospatial services firm, combines coronavirus (COVID-19) data with human resources data to help protect employees and implement a return to normal operations.

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Healthcare analytics starter workbook

UChicago Medicine is using this suite of dashboards to ensure the best possible care to patients, protect its frontline doctors and nurses, and make the most of available resources. Please note these are built from dummy data and do not reflect current or past outcomes.

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Credit risk workbook

COVID-19 has forced lending providers and governments to alter their policies to accommodate borrowers. See how Slalom built a suite of real-time reports to allow risk management on the fly, enabling firms to shift strategy and anticipate new borrowing behaviours in today's environment.

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Healthcare starter workbook

Prominence Advisors have developed a COVID-19 dashboard, metric workbook and instructional materials for key measures such as test administered results, metrics applicable to any EHR and more. Limited to healthcare organisations.

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Natural language workbook

Narrative Science use their technology to turn overwhelming amounts of data into plain-English stories. See how the use of stories makes it easy for everyone to understand complex coronavirus data.

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Supply Chain Starter workbook

The pandemic has had drastic impacts on supply chains, from consumer goods like toilet paper to fresh food. CoEnterprise helps you understand the impact of COVID to your suppliers so that you can manage your customers’ experience strategically and keep your business running smoothly.

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Marketing Optimisation workbook

Get the insights you need to grow leads, sales and revenue during COVID-19. Alight Analytics’ lead generation analytics solution automatically brings together data across your entire sales and marketing funnel into one powerful Tableau workbook. Use free for 90 days.

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Watch our Business Recovery Solution webinar series to hear directly from our partners about how they are leading through change with data-driven solutions that they have developed to help organisations move quickly and confidently during this time and beyond.

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