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Our partners are providing innovative data-driven solutions to help Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations evolve, adapt, and scale during unprecedented times.


Snowflake’s Data Cloud is creating innovation opportunities for the healthcare industry through unlimited data access. Learn how healthcare organizations are taking advantage of Tableau and the Data Cloud to optimize the care and services they offer to their patients.

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Hospital administrators need to understand and track readmission rates, as high rates can result in heavy fees from insurance payers and greatly increase hospital costs. Learn how Tableau CRM is being used to analyze discharge and readmission data and how to use Einstein machine learning to bring together disparate data from Salesforce Health Cloud and Snowflake to suggest proactive actions to decrease it.

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Prominence describes how organizations are leveraging patient and population health data to improve vaccination rates, increase volumes through trust and education, and ensure patients receive the care they need in a timely manner.

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COVID-19 has had a significant impact on supply chains globally. With the vaccine distribution efforts underway, CoEnterprise has developed a series of dashboards to help pharmaceutical firms track, monitor and understand potential supply chain risks which may have an impact on their vaccine distribution efforts.

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Citius Tech

As the healthcare industry shifts towards value-based contracts, many payers and accountable care organizations face incredible challenges in managing their operational and financial performance while maintaining a high quality of care. These challenges are further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers shift to telehealth, claims spikes due to hospitalizations, and premium payments are delayed due to employee job losses. Learn how to leverage actionable analytics to manage customer utilization and cost data and make sound business decisions.

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