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Where are essential socioeconomic services and activities disrupted?

Countries around the world are attempting to contain and mitigate the effects of the pandemic, but these measures have disrupted many essential activities and services that impact children around the world. This dashboard by UNICEF shows some of these socioeconomic disruptions and can help inform decision-making around where to allocate humanitarian resources.

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ADP is combining Tableau COVID-19 data resources with its own headcount data to advise CEOs in making decisions.

A payment processing company, Shift4 Payments helped raise a £161M fund for small business using Tableau as the centre clock for for identifying small businesses impacted.

When COVID-19 forced closures, St. Mary's Bank used data to find new ways to support their members and employees. The leadership continue to use data to drive their crisis response

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Identify employee impact

Lovelytics combines COVID-19 data and human resources data to protect employees and implement a return to normal operations.

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