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Why customers choose Tableau over Qlik Sense

Tableau enables everyone to freely explore data and ask questions in an intuitive way.

Tableau products are designed to put the user first, making real-world “aha” moments easier to discover through powerful, visual analysis. And in Tableau, you can dig deeper into an outlier or iterate on your discovery without breaking the flow of analysis.

You can create dashboards with Qlik Sense or Tableau, but the greatest difference is in the way you experience insights through analysis. With Tableau, the end goal of your analysis is not a dashboard – it’s a better understanding of your data.

Explore all of your data in Tableau

Tableau doesn’t force users to navigate between a “design” and “view” mode. Immediate visual response promotes discovery, rather than inhibiting it. The wide range of built-in analytical capabilities means you spend less time worrying about manually creating calculations, designing visualisations and formatting dashboards, and more time asking questions of your data without the need for complex calculations or scripting.

With Tableau, everyone is empowered to explore all of your data through a powerful, easy-to-use interface.

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Advanced analytics for everyone

Advanced analytics capabilities – like trend lines, clustering, confidence intervals and forecasting – are native functionality of Tableau. Built-in advanced analytics in Tableau help you drill through the data without calculations or scripting in order to find meaningful insights.

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Data prep for business users and analysts

Tableau Prep features three coordinated views that provide a complete picture of your data and flow, making it possible to clean and transform data without IT intervention. The visual join interface ensures business users and analysts are working with the intended data.

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Tableau’s unmatched community influences our roadmap

Tableau is solely focused on modern analytics and our mission to help people see and understand data, backed by industry-leading investment in research and development. We have a clear product strategy and an innovative roadmap, influenced by the collective voice of our vibrant community, comprised of:

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