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Why customers choose Tableau over Power BI

With Tableau, the end goal of your analysis is not a dashboard – it’s a better understanding of your data.

You can create dashboards with Power BI or Tableau, but the greatest difference is in the way you experience insights through analysis. With Tableau, the end goal of your analysis is not a dashboard – it’s a better understanding of your data. And in Tableau, you can dig deeper into an outlier or iterate on your discovery without breaking the flow of analysis.

Tableau is a fully integrated and extensible platform that utilises your existing data strategy, offering the most flexibility and choice in deployment and data source connections – without hidden fees or limitations. That’s why analysts report that Tableau has a 29% lower cost of ownership than Power BI.

Tableau empowers limitless exploration

With Tableau, explore all of your data in a powerful, easy-to-use interface, designed to empower everyone to discover new insights.

Tableau’s wide range of built-in analytical capabilities means you spend less time worrying about manually creating calculations, designing visualiations and formatting dashboards, and more time asking questions of your data. Tableau doesn’t limit the number of data points in a visualisation or enforce row or size limitations, so you have a complete view of your data.  

Leverage the power of your Microsoft infrastructure with Tableau

If you are already a Microsoft shop, Tableau allows you to leverage your existing architecture – including access to all major Microsoft databases – without any additional technology requirements.

Microsoft and Tableau are incredible partners and with the Tableau platform on Azure, you get best-in-class business intelligence with the power and scalability of the Azure cloud. As part of our partnership, we continue to deepen integration with Azure to provide a comprehensive business intelligence solution that can be implemented quickly, secured easily and used by everyone.

A fully-integrated platform that's easy to deploy, manage and use

Solutions from large-stack vendors include other products that your IT organisation has to manage and manually integrate in order to deliver a full range of capabilities. This leads to additional licence costs and the need for additional IT support – dramatically increasing the overall cost of the BI solution.

Tableau is a comprehensive and fully-integrated platform so you can strike a balance between governance and self-service. Keep users in the flow of analysis without the need to switch between various products to complete specific tasks. Our product suite shares the same code base, which ensures you always have the latest version and never have interoperability issues.

Tableau’s unmatched community influences our roadmap

Backed by industry-leading investment in research and development, Tableau is passionate about its mission of helping people see and understand their data – and the analytics market is where we focus all of our attention. We have a clear product strategy and an innovative roadmap, influenced by the collective voice of our vibrant community comprised of:

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