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Few industries combine billion-dollar bets, cutting-edge science, and global impact like pharmaceuticals and biotech. Big decisions require big insights—and Tableau lets anyone get answers instantly. At major pharmaceutical companies around the world, Tableau supports data-driven action from the lab to the boardroom. Tableau empowers life sciences analytics.

With Data everywhere, Tableau can put the power of self-service visual analytics in the hands of everyone at Merck, achieving your goals around:
Supply Chain
Cost Reduction

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Tesla turbo-charges data insight to improve production

See how Tableau is helping Tesla grow and get value right. For production, it's helping hour by hour, minute to minute, helping to answer key questions like—“Am I hitting my numbers for this hour?" And if I'm not—why not?”

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Advanced Bio-Logic streamlines clinical trials with Tableau

Jon Denne, Director of Business Development @ Advanced Bio-Logic: "We didn't think that there was a single product on the market that would allow us to accomplish what we needed to accomplish with one relationship. We needed a product that was gonna enable us to connect to disparate data sources. We wanted a fast visualization engine. We wanted something that was going to be flexible for the customer so that as they needed changes, we could respond to them quickly, or they could potentially make those changes themselves. Tableau absolutely accomplishes that. We were looking for a little bit of a solution, and we think we hit a home run."

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PAREXEL brings industry-leading analytics to clinical trials

Today, PAREXEL embeds Tableau Server into their Perceptive MyTrials Analytics® product, helping customers access data from clinical trials. PAREXEL also uses Tableau internally to drive the business. With Tableau and MyTrials Analytics, customers access industry-leading dashboards that display the entire performance of their clinical trial. Additionally, they can ask questions of their data and quickly spot outliers.

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Honeywell uses Tableau to reduce governance risks for 20,000+ users and power their business

Sherri Benzelock, VP of Business Analytics Transformation, joined Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky on the stage to share Honeywell’s Tableau deployment story and how governance with Tableau has helped reshape their business. “Our Tableau deployment went viral. In less than two years, we have 20,000 users. The reason for this success is because we’ve been able to strike the right balance between empowering the business, enabling better visibility, and instilling trust and governance in the data.”

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Swedish Medical shares quality metrics to improve care & save millions

Swedish Medical Center (Swedish) needed to understand and communicate physician and hospital performance across a number of areas—but traditional reporting solutions were cumbersome to implement and expensive to maintain. After implementing Tableau as its primary enterprise-wide analytics platform, the healthcare provider is driving improvements in quality care, improving patient experiences, and enjoying substantial savings through process improvements and improved efficiencies.

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Product Spotlight: Tableau Server

From security and governance to fast, flexible deployments and your own data with only one click, Tableau Server empowers unique needs of different types of users to create, explore, and view trusted content with Tableau’s self-service analytics platform.

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Viz Inspiration for Merck

Check out examples of how to use your own work data to tell insightful stories with Tableau.

Analyze global-pharma data to maximize impact of marketing efforts

You need to know which products and services your market wants, and when and where the market wants them. This visualization tracks the isolation of new H1N1 protein sequences across the globe during the 2009 pandemic.

Analyze your SAP data in real-time

SAP HANA powers exploratory and investigative analysis with fast ad-hoc queries and materialized views. With SAP HANA and Tableau, you can have an unconstrained conversation with your data. See how industry leaders and big brands harness the power of SAP with Tableau

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