Public Sector Analytics

Data is a strategic asset in all aspects of the public sector. With access to secure and governable data from multiple sources, public sector employees are able to discover new insights and better understand what's happening so they can act decisively.

With Tableau, public sector organisations can quickly connect to all of their data and visually analyse it without the need for any technical skills. You can connect to live data or research old datasets with ease. Use clean, easy to understand dashboards and shave months off reporting timelines. See our dedicated resource pages below to explore how Tableau is successfully helping a number of organisations in healthcare, central and local government, defence and intelligence, higher education, and the not-for-profit sector.

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare data has the potential to reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve the patient experience. Check out our dedicated healthcare analytics resource page to learn why so many leading NHS trusts and private healthcare providers rely on Tableau as their enterprise-ready analytics and BI platform provider.

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Central Government Analytics

Discover how Tableau is enabling central government departments to analyse data on a big scale. See how Tableau lets you query nationwide datasets in seconds, easily gain and share the insights citizens need to improve their lives and their communities, as well as optimise central government programs to make the most of your resources.

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Local Government Analytics

Tableau helps local government associations see and understand all of their data so they can make confident data-driven decisions. Learn how Tableau empowers you to understand what's needed today in your local constituency and where needs will emerge tomorrow so you can take action based on those insights.

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Defence and Intelligence Analytics

Strategic deployment of resources and rapid response to actionable intelligence are critical when your mission is national defence. That means having command of your data. Find our how Tableau enables defence personnel to swiftly capture key readiness metrics, dig into costs, highlight deficiencies, and perform tactical, repeatable analysis.

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Higher Education Analytics

Schools need data to improve. See for yourself how Tableau makes it easy to discover insights into how lesson plans correlate to student performance, how to keep at-risk kids engaged, and how to make enrolment more efficient. Learn how Tableau is committed to making world-class analytics tools accessible and affordable within Education.

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Associations and Not-For-Profit Organisations

See how Tableau can help your association or not-for-profit organisation quickly measure impact by visually analysing your own data. Get to know your donors in-depth for better fundraising results. Track the progress of your programs and increase transparency through interactive visuals that make data easy for everyone to understand.

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