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Tableau helps healthcare organizations become more data-driven. Leading your organization through change starts with data. Truly modern healthcare enterprises cultivate data culture and digitalization to transform the industry. Our enterprise platform makes visual analytics easy to use, empowering all healthcare leaders, business users, and clinicians to deliver optimal patient experiences and care outcomes. Keep reading to learn more about how Tableau can help your organization make decisions with confidence with the power of visual analytics. With the global health environment rapidly evolving, Tableau is committed to helping healthcare organizations see and understand their data. Explore the COVID-19 Data Hub to learn more.

I think where Tableau has been most helpful with respect to our growth is creating simplicity in scaling. Once data is organized, it’s very easy to add another small multiple in our stack of visualizations related to a specific region.

Population Health Management Resources

Understand flu vaccine offer acceptance rate

In this dashboard demo discover anomalies in flu vaccine acceptance rates by department.

Watch the demo video

Webinar Series: Driving Innovation in Population Health Management

Hear from thought leaders in healthcare on how they have embraced the new value-based care model and integrated population health management into process, work culture and technology systems.


Four Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management

In this paper, we discuss how to deploy population health management into process, work culture and technology systems with data.

Operational Excellence Resources

Identify bed turnaround time improvements by department

In this dashboard demo you will see how you can determine the diagnoses that are biggest contributors to above average bed turnaround times.

Watch the demo video

Webinar Series: Driving Measurable Value in Revenue Cycle Management

Discover how healthcare leaders in Revenue Cycle Management are leveraging Tableau to quickly identify bottlenecks, recognize changes on account receivable days, and reduce work hours required for charge estimation and cash reconciliation.


Improve your top line: Achieve Revenue Cycle Management success with visual analytics

Learn how to address your critical information gaps with an integrated visual analytics platform that gives you what’s needed for RCM success.

Tableau + AWS

From Insights to Innovation - How cloud data visualization and analytics solutions are transforming healthcare

Tableau on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping today’s Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations bring robust, scalable analytics to their organization. Download our new eBook to learn how cloud-based data visualization and analytics solutions are helping transform the way we deliver healthcare and create new innovations in medicine.

Working together for better healthcare: Optimizing Tableau on AWS for HIPAA workloads.

Learn how this AWS Quickstart helps healthcare customers rapidly deploy Tableau Server on AWS and concurrently supports healthcare customers’ compliance objectives out-of-the-box.

Healthcare Starter Kits

Healthcare Executive KPI Dashboard Starter Kit

Rapidly deploy a healthcare solution to see and understand your most critical key performance indicators

Healthcare RCM Starter Kit

Take back control of the reporting and analytics that impact your organization’s revenue cycle. Download the Healthcare Provider Revenue Cycle Management Starter Kit and begin asking and answering questions from your revenue cycle data in an easy, valuable, and secure manner.

Healthcare Analytics Hub Starter Kit

Get the data you need faster with a customized app. Download the customizable Healthcare Analytics Hub Starter Kit for a sample of what your healthcare app could look like, in order to provide valuable insight at the level of care.

Let's get technical. Bring IT into the discussion.

The modern approach to business intelligence

Learn the 7 key areas of impact to evaluate when implementing a modern approach to BI.

Evaluation Guide: How to choose the right modern BI & analytics platform

This guide focuses on platform evaluation and selection. It is intended for IT to use collaboratively with business users and analysts as they assess each platform’s ability to address the diverse needs of users across the organization.