Powerful data visualisation and analysis require rich, clean data sets. Alteryx empowers BI analysts with a reusable workflow for self-service data prep, so you can spend less time preparing data and invest more time analysing data in Tableau. With an easy way to prepare, blend and visualise all data sources – as well as the ability to apply advanced predictive and spatial analytics without coding – Alteryx helps you extract maximum value from your data.

Alteryx-blended datasets convert painlessly into Tableau data extracts, which means perfected data is easily fed to Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud – which means the right people see valuable data faster.

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Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau to get your free 14-day trial. Get hands-on experience with pre-built analytical workflows and their corresponding Tableau workbooks with beautiful pre-configured visualisations. The workflows are capable of survey analysis, advanced data blending, data transposing, polygon creation for Tableau, parsing XML, standardising unstructured data, multi-channel analysis, predictive A/B testing, retail location selection, market basket analysis and more.

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We use Alteryx to make sense of massive amounts of data, and we use Tableau to present that. So it's become an incredible tool. It's revolutionising the way things are being done.