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How to Build a Culture of Self-Service Analytics in Government

More and more, we hear government leaders talk about the need to build a culture of analytics within their agencies. Leaders want their workforce to embrace analytics as a change agent that will focus attention and resources on delivery of the mission goals of their organizations.

The goal of delivering the mission goals of these organizations means that anyone supporting that objective—essentially everyone these days—needs to have access to powerful analytics. The promise of modern BI platforms like Tableau break the cord of IT reliance that has prevented wide adoption of an analytics platform in many federal civilian agencies. With that cord broken, a culture of self-service analytics can form and flourish. Today, anyone with access to a modern BI platform like Tableau can integrate and align data from many sources and build powerful analytics dashboards that help to drive policy shifts, program changes, and funding decisions.

But how do government leaders build a culture of self-service analytics? This white paper explains a process that draws from private sector best practices, ultimately democratizing data and putting an analytics platform into the hands of everyone.

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