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What the Viz!?: Radial Charts

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Do you catch yourself looking at Tableau Public visualisations wondering, "How did they do that?"

For this webinar series, our Tableau Public Ambassadors will join us to demystify some of their best visualisations for you to learn what you should look out for when reverse engineering their visualisations.

In this particular episode, we will uncover the fundamental building blocks of radial charts with Fred and the resources that helped him to get so comfortable with using Tableau.

Check out Fred's Tableau Public profile to get up to speed on some of his work!

About the speaker


Fred Najjar

Business Intelligence Specialist, JLL

Fred Najjar is a BI Specialist working for JLL in Sydney, Australia. After using Tableau, Fred discovered his passion for data visualisation. Since then, he continued learning new techniques and developing his visualisation skills by participating in the data community lead projects. He is most passionate about finding innovative ways to present data stories that are visually appealing, highly informative and engaging. Fred was selected as a Tableau featured author in 2020 and has a number of visualisations that have been chosen for VoTD. He enjoys being involved in the data community, assisting newcomers and to sharing his skills and tips about data and visualisation.

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