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How Healthcare & Life Sciences Organisations Can Build Resilient Supply Chains With Augmented Analytics

As global supply chain's stall, forward-thinking healthcare and life sciences (HLS) organisations are using data and augmented analytics to build resilient end-to-end supply chains.

Watch this webinar to see a step-by-step demo showing how HLS organisations can use data and Tableau to reimagine multiple stages of the supply chain—material sourcing, plant floor, inventory management, on-time delivery, maintenance, and executive management.

You’ll see how the combination of data, machine learning, and AI-driven analytics can maximise visibility and agility throughout the entire supply chain.

Watch now to see how augmented analytics can help you:

  • Streamline material procurement through to patient delivery using simple machine learning
  • Achieve OEE targets for pharmaceutical and medical technology standards
  • Deliver order fulfilment from trunk stock to distribution optimisation
  • Reimagine device maintenance and recall management
  • Simplify executive dashboards to unlock key insights

About the speakers


Jess Lella

Solutions Engineer, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Tableau

Tyler May

Manager, Solution Engineering

Tyler May is the Manager for Tableau Life Science Solution Engineering. Tyler joined Tableau in 2018 and is passionate about helping customers get value and insight from their data. Prior to joining Tableau, Tyler led an analytics Center of Excellence at a large pharmaceutical where he evangelized and expanded a data culture across the organization.

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