Webinar series

Building dashboards that persuade, inform, and inspire

A good business dashboard informs with a glance. A great business dashboard combines high performance and ease of use to empower people with data-informed insights. But too often mistakes are made in the actual creation of dashboards–often at the expense of efficiency, accuracy and hours lost.

This six-part webinar series will teach you how to efficiently build dashboards that persuade, inform, and inspire—plus what not to do.

On-demand webinars

Title Length
Dashboards for insight and impact
Citing real-life case studies from their book, The Big Book of Dashboards, three data visualization experts will share their proven best practices, based on over 30 years of hands-on experience,...
49 min
Design tricks for great dashboards
Successful dashboards require you to think like a designer. In this webinar, Andy Cotgreave will look at ideas and theories from the world of design, and show how you can apply them to your...
41 min
Eye Tracking: What it teaches us about dashboard design
What elements subconsciously catch your eye? Tableau has conducted several eye tracking studies to better understand this behavior. Join Amy Alberts of the Tableau User Research Team and...
43 min